Chanel Camryn and Demi Diveena want to make their swap family bigger so they go to their male counterparts for cum

What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Chanel Camryn and her swap mom Demi Diveena are really enjoy the swap. There’s just one problem: Both girls want babies. They realize that they have the perfect sperm donors in Damon Dice and Parker Ambrose, the remainder of their swap family. The girls decide to take matters into their own hands.Coming out of the bedroom decked out in lingerie that highlights how hot they each are, the girls approach the guys and announce that they want to make the swap family bigger. They’ll be pregnant soon, a truth that is borne out as Demi climbs into Damon’s lap and Chanel climbs into Parker’s. With two stunners begging them for their cum, the guys aren’t about to say no. Stroking and licking each other’s tits, Chanel and Demi rev the heat up even more before dropping to their knees to give their chosen partner a nice wet blowjob.Finally it’s time to party as Chanel mounts Parker and Demi mounts Damon, both in cowgirl. The girls swap out so that Chanel can give Damon a reverse cowgirl ride while Demi does the same with Parker. The ladies switch their partners again so that Damon can finger fuck Demi while Parker munches Chanel’s cooch. Getting on their knees, the ladies take a doggy style dicking down before they roll onto their backs. The men are happy to make the swap family bigger as Damon creampies Demi and Parker gives Chanel the same treatment.

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