When Bella Rico surprises Clara Mia with a vibrator the girls get naked and mutually enjoy their sexy lesbian gift

Clara Mia is hanging out waiting for her girlfriend, Bella Rico to arrive. When Bella does come by, she has a surprise gift for Clara. She slips behind Clara and covers her lover’s eyes with her hands to set the perfect scene for lovemaking. When Clara looks up and sees the gift bag in Bella’s teeth, she has a good idea of what’s coming next.Clara knows she should probably say something, but before she can find the words, Bella captures her sweet lips in a deep kiss. Bella dips her head lower, popping Clara’s breasts from the top of her shirt to nuzzle and lick those tender globes. She only eases back when Clara makes it clear she’d like to deliver the same treatment.Although Bella has temporarily yielded control, she takes it back as she gently eases Clara down onto her back once again. Lifting Clara’s miniskirt and discarding her panties, Bella takes a taste of her girlfriend’s musk. Finding Clara nice and wet, Bella begins lapping away at her lover’s dripping slit. She uses her tongue to dive nice and deep, all the better to make Clara cum.Her pussy still pulsing, Clara turns the tables on Bella. Working Bella out of her remaining clothes, Clara eventually gets her girlfriend on her back. Her tongue licks fast and furious as she finds Bella’s clit and drinks down Bella’s pussy juices. She keeps it up until Bella is poised to explode, then uses her fingers to finger fuck Bella towards her finish line.When Bella can’t quite get there, Clara grabs the toy that Bella gave her and presses it to her love’s clit. The vibrations are just what Bella needs to let out a loud moan of delight. Capturing that lovely sound with a kiss, Clara keeps it up as Bella rides out her climax.Clara gets to enjoy her new toy next as Bella spoons behind her and presses it to her trimmed twat. The vibrator is of course wonderful, but Clara isn’t quite ready to be finished with her own pussy play. She urges Bella onto her back and then she climbs on top to ride Bella’s mouth while leaning forward to complete the lesbian 69. The girls keep it up for each other’s pleasure, only quitting when they have each enjoyed a final orgasm to wind down their lovemaking.

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