Chloe Temple got stood up on a date but she learns that her crush on Katie Kush is mutual as the two girls get together

Good men are hard to find, as Chloe Temple has discovered recently. Sitting alone in the kitchen with a box of chocolates and a vibrator, Chloe mourns the date she should have had before she got stood up. That’s how her roommate Katie Kush finds her.In an effort to cheer Chloe up, Katie keeps getting closer and closer. She ultimately confesses to Chloe that she has a big crush on her. Chloe feels the same way, which is a big relief to both girls to get that confession off their chests. Leaning in to kiss Chloe, Katie is all smiles in anticipation of a surprise fun night ahead.Making her way down Chloe’s slim body, Katie indulges in all the pent up fantasies she has spun in her daydreams. She palms Chloe’s tight breasts and licks those nipples to hard little peaks. Her hands blaze a trail lower, to the apex of Chloe’s thighs. Katie can feel the sweet heat through Chloe’s thong, so she drops to her knees and pulls that scrap of fabric aside.Fully exposed, Chloe spreads her legs and lets her new lover have her way with her. Katie laps her tongue all the way up Chloe’s slit, then works herself into a sultry rhythm. She keeps it up as Chloe’s breathing begins to come in mewls and gasps, indicating that Chloe is really reaching her first climax.Getting to her feet, Katie straddles Chloe’s thigh so she can enjoy some pressure on her own tender clit as Chloe lifts Katie’s shirt and goes to work on her plump titties. Chloe gently turns the tables on Katie by having her roommate get on her knees on the chair so that Chloe can kneel behind her. She rolls Katie’s shorts and thong down to expose Katie’s tan lines and creamy twat.Taking her time, Chloe explores that greedy pussy with her fingers and then her mouth. Finding Katie nice and soaked, she grabs the vibrator she had intended to use solo that evening. She slides it into Katie’s cooch, buzzing her roommate to an orgasm that leaves her moaning.After Katie has licked the vibrator clean, she gets Chloe to her feet leaning over the chair. Now it’s Katie’s turn to make Chloe moan and squeal with the toy. She pushes it deep while also licking at Chloe’s clit, which quickly drives her over the edge. Cuddling together in the afterglow, the girls marvel over this new twist in their relationship.

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