Andi Rose is feeling so horny that Serene Siren hands her a vibrator to masturbate, then joins in for a lesbian romp

Andi Rose wasn’t expecting to have a lesbian encounter with her BFF Serene Siren tonight. The girls are getting ready to go clubbing when Andi makes an offhand comment about how horny she is because she’s been holding back recently. When Andi says that she’s going to fuck all the guys at the club tonight, Serene decides to pull her friend’s expectations back down to earth.Handing Andi a toy, Serene tells her friend to masturbate to blow some steam off. At first, Serene keeps her back turned while Andi is going at it with her vibrator. As time ticks by, though, Serene peeks more and more often. Andi eventually makes eye contact with her friend and confesses that she’s even hornier now than she was before. Serene, ever the good friend, decides to become a more active participant in helping Andi out. Coming in with a kiss, Serene takes the toy from Andi. She pulls Andi’s thong aside and presses it to her BFF’s clit. Cradling Andi’s shoulders against her torso, Serene uses one hand to continue applying the vibrating pressure while the other kneads Andi’s tender titties until Andi’s hips are bucking.Andi isn’t about to leave Serene wanting now that she’s enjoyed herself. She lays Serene down on the bed and goes to work on her friend’s creamy twat. Licking the juices from Serene’s clit is the first order of business, followed closely by a go with the vibrator. As Serene’s breathy sighs grow into moans, Andi slides her finger into Serene’s twat to bring her over the edge.The girls are committed to staying in now, so what’s another orgasm or two between friends? Andi lays back and spreads her thighs to accommodate Serene between them. A saucy pussy licking quickly turns into lesbian tribbing with the help of the vibrator as Serene gets to her knees and goes snatch to snatch with Andi while holding the toy between them.There’s still so much more pleasure to explore! The girls each get on their hands and knees, pressing their bottoms together. Their ass cracks create a sheathe for the vibrator, holding it in just the right spot as they rock their hips together. With that final climax in the books, the girls exchange languorous kisses as they enjoy this newfound aspect to their friendship.

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