Anny Adora learns that her friend Eliza Ibarra is into girls and soon finds herself shoved to the couch and seduced

Eliza Ibarra and Anny Aurora have been friends for a while. Anny has a crush on Eliza, but she doesn’t believe Eliza swings that way so she has always kept it to herself. Today, though, the girls get to chatting over drinks. The conversation brings Eliza to casually drop that she’s had a fling with a girl in the past. Suddenly, Anny sees that there’s an opening for her crush after all, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.Eliza is certainly feeling the heat with Anny. As the tension in the room grows, Eliza takes Anny’s glass to put it safely aside and then leans in to capture her friend’s lips in a deep kiss. They explore each other’s mouths, and then Eliza makes it clear that she is in charge She pushes Anny back onto the couch and then kisses her way down Anny’s neck. Licking and sucking, Eliza tugs Anny’s top down and kneels, going to town sucking and jiggling Anny’s breasts. As her mouth remains in motion, Eliza’s hand creeps up to settle between Anny’s thighs. She lifts Anny’s miniskirt and gives her a stroke above her thong, then peels the thong away so she can get down on her knees and dive fast first into the delights of Anny’s slippery twat.Eager to take her time, Eliza settles in for the long haul. Burying her nose in Anny’s muff, Eliza finds Anny’s clit and goes to town licking that hot love button. Anny is so wet that her pussy juices are everywhere, creating a musky delight for Eliza to lap up. Getting to her feet, Eliza lets Anny help her out of her panties and get her settled in a chair. Although Eliza’s boobs and hard nipples are on display, Anny skips past Go and heads right to the paradise between Eliza’s thighs. Eliza holds Anny’s head right where she wants it, making it clear that Anny has found just the right spot with her stiffened tongue.The girls relocate to the couch, where Eliza gets Anny on her back. Settling on top of her new lover, Eliza presses her clit to Anny’s. The girls rock together, tribbing in a seductive rhythm that won’t stop until they’re both moaning long and loud.Collapsing to the couch, Eliza waits for Anny to get up and sit beside her. The position lets both girls reach out and fondle one another’s clits. Their mutual masturbation is just the thing to bring them both to final climaxes. The girls seal their newly acknowledge attraction for each other in a sweet kiss that promises plenty of pleasure to come.

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