Lesbian lovers Agatha Vega and Alexis get busy with tongues and fingers, then turn to a vibrator for a total moanfest

Agatha Vega and Alexis Crystal are two hot girls who are ready for a night of girls only passion. Dressed in lingerie that highlights how slim and luscious they both are, they come together in an embrace that leaves nothing to the imagination. Hugging and caressing quickly leads to kissing, which is the preview of so much more. Leaning forward against the mantle, Agatha waits in anticipation as Alexa bumps her butt against Agatha’s and then gets on her knees. Caressing Agatha’s big booty, Alexis eases her girlfriend out of her underwear. That just opens Agatha right up for a pussy feast that begins from the back and then moves to the front when Agatha turns around. Alexis is deliciously ruthless with her lips and tongue, making Agatha throw her head back in delight.The girls take their party to the couch where they help one another out of their bras. Now it’s Alexis’s turn to moan as Agatha bends her over. Unveiling the pussy by rolling Alexis’s thong down, Agatha makes herself at home delivering a languorous pussy feast. Alexis turns over and spreads her thighs to welcome Agatha back home between them.Back to diddling her girlfriend’s twat with her tongue, Alexis enjoys every drop of Agatha’s sweet juices. Laying back and letting Alexis finger and flirt, Agatha kneads her own tits for added delight. She winds up riding Alexis’s tongue as Alexis gets on her back and pulls Agatha nice and close.Swapping out, Alexis takes a seat on the back of the couch. Agatha resumes working with her tongue, but soon enough Alexis has a better idea. She gets Agatha to trade spots with her, then grabs a vibrator that she presses to Agatha’s clit to enjoy for a hot minute. Then the girls rearrange themselves so that each of their clits are pushed against the vibrator. Bucking and moaning, they keep it up until they are both finally sated.

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