Lusty Ryana says she's going to start without Ophelia Dust, which gets Ophelia to stop working and come fuck

Ophelia Dust is trying to get some work done, but her girlfriend Ryana wants her attention. Ryana is bored and horny, but Ophelia tries to stand strong. Ryana tells Opehlia she’s going to start without her, then peels off her thong to make good on that promise.When Ryana throws her thong to hit Ophenlia’s computer, that’s all Ophelia can handle. Closing the computer, she crosses the room and goes right for Ryana’s tits. The girls are soon exchanging kisses as they undress one another in a sweet exploration of one another’s bodies.Once Ophelia has gone back to Ryana’s big breasts and taken the time to sample those hard nipples, she moves further south. She finds Ryana’s twat nice and wet, ready for some serious action. Making herself at home, Ophelia gets right in there with her tongue for a nice pussy feast.When Ryana has moaned her way through her first orgasm, she kisses her own essence from Ophelia’s lips and then goes in to return the favor. On her back, Ophelia lets her head roll onto a pillow as Ryana makes magic between her thighs. From a nice feast to a double finger fuck, Ryana gets Ophelia mewling in delight. She adjusts Ophelia so that her girlfriend is on her bottom cradled in Ryana’s arms, then resumes finger banging until Ophelia has chased down her climax.Getting on her knees, Ryana leans forward and fondles her big titties as Ophelia eats her out from behind. Her position lets her slide her hand down to rub her own clit as Ophelia uses her fingers to make her moan. As soon as she is feeling the heat, Ryana gets on her back and lets Ophelia ride her tongue while Ophelia keeps fingering Ryana’s clit. That position is just what both girls need to finally feel satisfied, a happy ending that is so much nicer than if Ophelia had just worked.

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