Jasmine Daze is pranked by her stepdaughter Leana Loving's boyfriend, so the girls tag team him to get him back

Nick Strokes is being a real great guy by helping his girlfriend Leana Lovings and her stepmom Jasmine Daze get ready to move out of the house. As soon as Leana leaves the room, Nick offers Jasmine some water. She’s grateful that Nick is being so kind right up until he spills the water all over her white shirt and pervs on her boobs.As soon as Leana returns and hears what her boyfriend did, Nick claims it was a prank. The girls then do a prank of their own, taping Nick to a dolly and then treating him to a lesbian make out. When Leana realizes that Nick is hard, she pops his stiffie out and offers for Jasmine to try it with her. The girls take turns sucking Nick off, but that’s not enough for either of them. These horny fillies need to fuck!Releasing Nick, the girls guide him to the couch where Leana spreads her thighs and takes him in. Jasmine is next, hopping onto Nick’s dick to ride him in cowgirl while Leana presses her pussy to his lips so he can eat her out. When Jasmine turns around to go in reverse cowgirl, Leana helps her out by squeezing and jiggling her big boobies. The trio finishes with Leana on her knees banging her boyfriend in doggy while eating her stepmommy out. As Lean moans, Nick pulls out and cums on her ass. Jasmine leans forward to sweep her fingers through the jizz and share the treat with Leana.

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