Lovely all natural bigtit Sharon White peels off her sheer lingerie to enjoy a languid and sexy romp with her boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is a time of seduction, and Sharon White is ready to go for it. She dons some sheer red lingerie and grabs a red rose, the perfect tools to really show off her curves while giving her a way to get her own party started. Waiting for Raul Costa to join her in the bedroom is a treat for Sharon as she runs those butter soft rose petals over her tender skin, from her inner thighs to the V created by her lingerie.When Raul finally joins Sharon, he doesn’t devour her as some men might. Instead, he takes his time, letting Sharon show him what she likes between their searing kisses. When Raul gradually takes over Sharon’s pleasure, reliving her of the rose and using that and his fingertips and lips to bring her pleasure higher, Sharon is only too happy to surrender.Raul takes his time, indulging in Sharon’s big breasts until her nipples are nice and tight, then working lower. Sharon’s thighs fall apart as Raul settles between them, making it easy for him to lap and fondle at her clit. He hits just the right spot, as Sharon demonstrates when she reaches down and uses her fingers to keep him right where he is until her panting sighs indicate the first of her Valentine’s orgasms.Curling up behind Sharon to spoon with her, Raul finds his girlfriend nice and wet to take him in. His dick slides home slowly but surely, filling Sharon with those sweet inches as she rubs her own clit. Their spooning sex is nice and easy, with Sharon getting on her knees to suckle her own juices from Raul’s cock as they part to change it up. She continues to lovingly suck that dick as Raul gets onto his knees through when he takes a seat on the couch.Swinging one leg over Raul’s hips to straddle him, Sharon sinks down on that thick chub and lets her head fall back in delight. Her reverse cowgirl ride lets her rub her own clitoris again, but when she turns around things get even better. That’s the point when Sharon sheds her lingerie and lets those big boobies jiggle with every bounce, right in front of Raul’s face. Of course he reaches to sneak in some licks and nibbles as Sharon gently guides him backwards on the couch.Raul isn’t about to take this lying down. He flips Sharon over and pushes her thighs open so that he can kneel between them and reenter her. That velvet glove is nice and tight, with just the right amount of pussy juices to help him glide in and out for mutually delightful friction.Rolling onto her hands and knees, Sharon offers herself to Raul one more time. He takes the gift he’s being given, anchoring his hands on Sharon’s big ass and using that leverage to go nice and deep. He leaves Sharon twitching and whimpering in delight, then pulls out so that Sharon can turn around and push those boobs together for a titty fuck. That gets Raul nearly there, with Sharon taking him the rest of the way with a blowjob. Cum dripping from her incredible boobs, Sharon rubs Raul’s cock in his own jizz and enjoys the feeling of velvet steel making her even messier.

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