Horny Ashley Lane puts her tutoring session on hold to climb onto her client's cock and go for a hardcore stiffie ride

If you had a hot tutor like Ashley Lane, you’d be as tempted as Robby Echo to tap that. Fortunately for Robby, Ashley is as into him as he is her. They begin their session with some quick kisses that turn into a full-on make out, but eventually the guilt gets the better of Ashley and she tries to put a stop to it. She tells Robby that she could lose her job.Robby isn’t about to be dissuaded that easily. He offers to get a new tutor if it means he can still have Ashley. Unaffected, Ashley takes the book Robby is supposed to be working with and has him begin reading out of it. It’s too bad for Ashley that just the sound of Robby’s voice is a total turn on. While he’s distracted by his reading, Ashley finds her hands creeping to her tits and down to her pussy. Eventually, it’s too much. She reaches over to stroke Robby’s hardon and pick up right where they left off.Never one to question a good thing, Robby is happy to go back to their previous kissing. Things heat up quickly, leading Robby to his knees between Ashley’s thighs. He finds her trimmed pussy nice and wet, a musky feast for his talented tongue as he eats her out. While her twat is being eaten out, Ashley pops her generous titties free to begin kneading them to double down on her delight.When Robby takes a seat on the couch and pulls Ashley into his lap, she is oh so ready to take their relationship to the next level. Sinking down onto Robby’s fuck stick, Ashley begins bouncing away in reverse cowgirl. When Robby slips his hands beneath Ashley’s ass to help her set the pace, Ashley takes the opportunity to rub her own clit for double the pleasure for orgasmic results.Climbing off the D, Ashley takes the time to lick and suck her own juices from the shaft. While Ashley is on her knees gobbling that cock, Robby palms her ass and takes the opportunity to keep Ashley’s party going by finger banging her and fondling her clit. It’s no surprise that Ashley is ready and raring to go again when Robby gets her on her knees so he can dive deep in doggy.Rolling onto her back, Ashley lets Robby hook one of her ankles around his neck so that she’s totally opened up to another round of intimate pounding. Going nice and deep, Robby gives it to Ashley until she’s moaning and trembling. As soon as he feels himself getting milked by Ashley’s pussy walls, Robby pulls out to nut all over her muff. Satisfied that they’ve both scratched their horny itch, Ashley considers how to use this new technique for Robby’s future tutoring sessions.

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