Sheila Ortega Date Night Fuck

Sheila Ortega can't help but feel horny after her dinner date with Ricky Rascal. Wanting to have Ricky's dick for dessert, the busty brunette leads him onto the couch. They make out with each other, increasing their lust to an uncontrollable level. Ricky leaves Sheila on the couch to take a quick shower. Sheila can't wait any longer, so she starts pleasing herself. Ricky immediately joins Sheila when he sees she already started without him. The horny lad licks and fingers Sheila's juicy pussy before letting her suck his cock. After the sloppy blowjob, Sheila rides Ricky's dick in the reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Ricky tirelessly fucks the beautiful hottie with big tits while spooning with her. He keeps pounding Sheila's pussy before cumming on her face.

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