Penny and Amy share Sheldon in a threesome that begins with latex and ends with pussy feasts and dual stiffie rides

Sheldon has just earned a black eye courtesy of Penny’s boyfriend learning that she’s been screwing around with the geek. Penny tries to nurse Sheldon’s wound, but she is interrupted when Amy knocks on the door. She doesn’t know that Sheldon is there, so Penny tells him to hide. It turns out that Amy is here to take Penny to the comic book convention and has come complete with a skintight outfit for each of them to wear. As Sheldon watches, the girls each strip naked and put on their outfits. He makes his presence known just in time for Amy to hustle them both out of the door.Later, when they return from the convention Amy lets Sheldon know that he looks rugged with his back eye and gives him a long kiss to prove it. Amy is also into the way Penny looks in spandex, so she shoves Sheldon down on the couch to give Penny an equally passionate kiss. Sheldon whips his cock out to stroke it as he watches the girls make out, and when Amy notices she gets on her knees and starts sucking to show off the technique she’s been studying. She offers to share with Penny, and soon both girls are giving Sheldon head. Amy’s willingness to share extends to fucking Sheldon together. She gets the first go, of course, but Penny is soon straddling Sheldon’s fuck stick. Eventually Amy winds up with her face buried in Penny’s snatch and Sheldon shoved all the way inside. When Penny scoots forward to create a pseudo-69, the blonde’s mouth creates a second hole for Sheldon to add to his buffet of things to fuck. Penny then gets one more close encounter with Sheldon’s dick before the girls kneel side by side to take a double facial.

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