Kelly Bundy has a new bad boy to hook up with so she stuffs her face and then her bald pussy with his hard cock

Kelly Budy has met a new guy named Rich, who brought her home in a pinch. Peg and Al are on the couch when the pair comes in. Al lets Kelly know he’s not happy, then tells Peg he’ll take her to a drive-thru for dinner. Kelly offers Rich a seat and a beer, then peels off her panties to hang on to while he waits. Rich whips out his dick and sniffs the scent of panties off as he jerks himself off. Kelly comes back and is all smiles that Rich has gotten started without her. She rewards him with a blowjob and handjob as he feels her ass up in its leather skirt.Kelly hikes up her miniskirt and swings herself onto Rich’s lap. His big dick feels perfect in her tight twat as she rides him until her titties bounce and her breath is coming in moans. Reaching down, she rubs her clit until she hits her happy place. Then Kelly gets on her knees as Rich pounds her doggy style.Rich and Kelly are still going strong as Kelly starts asking Rich to cum for her. He pulls out at the last minute and pops his load all over Kelly’s ass. They’re just finishing up when Al and Peg return, catching them in the act. That’s when Al recognizes Rich from the food court and punches him out for taking advantage of his daughter.

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